Saturday, May 31, 2008

Saturday's schedule... this girl!
It was a busy one today! Tanner had t-ball team pictures early this morning and then his first game at 10:00! In between I took him to have the "breakfast of champions" which is of course chocolate chip pancakes from the Busy Corner (a little hole-in-the-wall restaurant near us.) The game went pretty much like I expected it to. I told his coach at practice that my child would be the one to hit the ball and make a b-line for 3rd base instead of 1st. So Tanner got up to bat and what did he do (?) hit the ball and ran straight for 3rd!! I knew that he would! We have a lot of work ahead of us to get his "head in the game!" He also kind of sauntered instead of ran and so being the involved mom that I am, I stood out in the field with him while he fielded. Just to teach him what was going on and where he should be watching and where to throw the ball should it come his way. (Before you think I was overstepping my bounds...I was one of about 5 parents out there helping so I didn't feel out of place.) His coach had actually asked us to help him do that. Almost all of the kids needed direction. I kept reminding myself that this is just to teach him the game, and the rules and nothing more. They don't keep score, they don't have stike outs, every kid takes a turn playing different positions in the field...and so on.

After about the first 30 minutes Tanner had lost interest and so it was a good thing that he had a momma who didn't care if she looked weird out there playing games with him and making up songs to keep him focused! I laughed at him peeking through his glove...he looks thrilled huh??

After that it was to the grocery store and a couple of garage sales that the neighbors were having on the way home. We did buy ONE BIG purchase! A play house. They were practically giving it away, and I like the fact that it has very little pink on it. I don't have anything against the color pink, but it completely clashes with our red cabin! So the kids got right to work decorating it with my flower pots! And then they went swimming in our pool. We had a huge storm yesterday (yes mom, the basement flooded) but it was all okay and nothing got ruined or anything. The rain was coming down in buckets so the pool was FULL! And what did I do while all that splashing was going might ask?? Weedeing of course, seems like that is all I do outdoors these days! (Oh and I finally finished the only took me 3 days!! For Pete's sake!)

In Freehand Scraps news, the website will be updated tomorrow at 8:00 am CST and I am really excited!! It's looking great! You will be blown away by the designers galleries this month! So much inspiration! Hope you had some time to "play" today! Have a great weekend!

Friday, May 30, 2008

You'll have to excuse me...

For the quick post today...but I have a date with my big green lawn mower. We spent almost 3 hours together last night, but I am still not done! Ugh. To top it off it is raining off and on, making it even harder to mow! I am choosing not to complain (even though that sure sounds a lot like complaining) because having to mow, means that I have a great yard that we really do enjoy!

Here is another sneak peek from my gallery for June. I told you I have gone crazy with the sewing machine!! I love, love, LOVE that Scenic Route grid paper. I could use it on every page I think! It goes with everything. The photo on this page is one of my treasures. That little girl is an orphan from Myanmar. She was my little sidekick the entire trip, and never left my side. I will never forget leaving on the last day. She was holding my hand out of the window of the taxi and would not let go...running alongside the moving car. I was begging her to let go, because of the moving car and the situation being so dangerous. I looked in her eyes as she was sobbing and saw what each and every one of us is looking for. LOVE!!... plain and simple, someone to love us and be proud of us, and care for us, and to be there!! Even on the other side of the world, we are not so different. I only wish I could be there for her everyday and give her a hug and let her know how much I care! But I know that the Lord is there for her everyday and that is my comfort. Anyways..sorry to get sappy, but I just loved those orphans so much. They changed the way I see the world! For that I am grateful.

Have yourself and wonderful weekend!!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

A few things...

First thing to share is my portrait hand-drawn by my little "Chloe girl." I must say that I am very cute with my blue hair and all! Unfortunately she drew me with my first-thing-in-the-morning-bed-head hair! Maybe the next portrait I will look a little less disheveled?!

Second is another peek from my gallery!! I must admit that I went a little crazy stitching on my layouts this month. I just couldn't help myself! I loved this fabric and it was perfect for this layout. Velvet trim, and vintage buttons...hello! Love it! I even used Myanmar currency that I had been saving all year as an embellishment for this page. So perfect to use items directly from your travels as design elements!

Don't forget the June kit will be for sale on June 1st at 8:00 am CST. Hoping you are having a perfect day!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

DT info...

Just a quick post for all you design team contestants... (I feel like such a game show host using that lingo!) I had written up the details in a previous post, but I will try to lay some of the groundwork here and then you will also be able to find it on the website's home page after it's updated on June 1st for quick reference. I am looking for designers to email me their 3 favorite layouts that showcase what they believe is their best work, and best representation of their style, and one altered project or card. I want to see the work you want to stop cars on the street to show, those things that you are absolutely passionate about!! You can email them to me @ I have thoroughly enjoyed the ones I have gotten so far, and am blown away by the talent!

We are also getting super close to the June kit being up for sale and I have been working on getting all of the last things put together for it. So much fun! (I can't really even call it "work" because it's just not like that to me!) I am running a special promotion for new subscribers in June. Each new subscriber to the June kit will be receiving a free gift...and it's something good. Brand new from CHA, and just waiting to be delivered to your door! So if you have been on the fence...this is your best opportunity to "just do it!" (Okay now I feel like a Nike endorser.) So I'll quit while I'm ahead.

I had to leave you with a peak from my gallery. Cause I hate to post without a picture!!? Hope you had a wonderful day!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Thank you card...

Just wanted to share a quick card I made using May's kit "The Thicket." It's a thank you for Wilna our guest designer for May. (Hope you don't see this early Wilna!) I knew that I wanted to use that cute deer on a card!! I also decorated the envelope with some of the trims from the kit. I thought it turned out pretty cute and it only took me like 15 minutes to make!

I think that sheer dot ribbon is one of my all-time favorites!! The journaling spots are by Pink Paislee. The background paper is Scenic Route and the deer paper is of course Sassafras Lass.
I added a little of the netting to the outside of the envelope and also the ric rac from the kit. I am liking the monochromatic look of it!
Did I mention the boy really likes hats??? And of course 2 hats are definitely better than one! He specifically asked me to take a picture of him like funny!

Hope you had a wonderful Tuesday!! Smiles to you!

Monday, May 26, 2008

I heart these...

Look who showed up at our front door yesterday??? Aren't they the cutest things you've ever seen? They wandered up to our doorstep and hung out for a few minutes so I was able to snap a few photos. They were NOT shy around us at all, and there were no parental racoon units in sight. So I think they may have been hungry? It was all I could do not to give them a little something to eat...I am such an "animal person."

Especially since I was thinking they might have been orphans?! The kids kept asking me if we could give them a slice of bread or something and so we talked about how the momma's and daddies are sometimes aggresive. And how we don't want this to turn into the racoon restaurant, because the word would spread! I told them that since we live next to a rather busy road that it would be dangerous for them, and that really you shouldn't ever feed wild animals, because it confuses them. I think Chloe may have gotten the idea that the adult racoons were scary, because she explained to me that she really loved the babies, but that she was for sure "allergic" to their momma's! I laughed out loud. She is hilarious!
I snapped this photo of Tanner this morning...he is really into wearing hats right now and it seems to me that I am seeing this expression a lOt around my house right now. He just looks so grown up to me! Almost like a teenager?? What I do know right now, is that I am NOT ready for teenagers at my house yet!
In Freehand Scraps news, I am still receiving design team applications and am having a ball looking through everyones work! There is some serious talent out great work those of you who entered!! I think I will leave it open until the second week in June and then announce the outcome. So keep those projects coming, I look forward to it! Hope you and yours are having a wonderful Memorial Day!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend...

Busy, busy, busy! I finally planted my flowers and they are looking kind of smallish in the giant barrell containers they call home now. I hope they will fill in soon! I might have to give them some Miracle Grow!! I almost took a picture of my hands covered in dirt because I love the way that looks. REAL gardeners don't wear gloves...I mean come on. But since they were absolutely caked with mud...I couldn't pick up my camera! I really do LOVE to garden and to play in must be the kid in me. As kids, we used to have dirt clod wars with the neighbor-kids. Good times. Good times.

I also took some time last night to make a graduation card for a friend of ours. I used the June kit and think it turned out pretty cute. I stitched around the entire card and made a pocket by folding up the paper up from the bottom. I used my handy dandy circle punch and some of the Scenic Route chipboard circles. I just machine stitched in circles around a few of the circles and then embellished a Bazzill envelope with his name. I am giving him a few gift cards to fast food restaurants so I used the fork and knife chipboard next to his name. (This will be in my gallery next month on the website.) It says "way to GO! Congratulations"

This morning we had Tanner's first t-ball practice and I must say that he looked the part standing out there in the field in his new (thrift store) cleats. Thanks mom! The kids were really shy at first, but his coach seems to be a great guy and had a really positive attitude. He had them running bases shouting at each base which one it was. I laughed out loud when one little boy (very smart) couldn't understand why home plate wasn't called first base. Good reasoning skills I thought?! After all it is where you start first.
Afterwards the kids played on the playground and had a ball.

Getting a picture of them these days seems to be impossible! They just don't want to hold still, or they make goofy faces, but at least in these pictures you can see that they are really happy. And that should count for something...right? I should have taken a picture of her while I was planting flowers. She was over playing in the pool (which mind you I had not filled with water) but what I was not aware of, is that it had gotten some water in it from all the rain we got yesterday. The next thing I knew I looked up and saw her standing in the pool wearing nothing but her rainboots and splashing around in like an inch of water. It was a little warmer today, maybe in the low 70's but definitely not warm enough for NO clothes! I think she is the silliest girl in the world. Hope that you have a wonderful holiday weekend!

Friday, May 23, 2008


Well it has been raining all day here and it's been in the mid-50's. NOT my idea of spring! I actually had to wear my winter coat it felt so chilly! The good news is that tomorrow is supposed to be 75 degrees...the kids will I'm sure want to break out their swimsuits and play in their pool, because it will feel like such a heat wave! But we have t-ball practice in the morning and a graduation party to go to later on, so we'll see if it actually happens.

Today was Tanner's last day of school, and he cried this morning because he's going to miss his teacher so much. He would like to be in her class forever he told me. After we dropped him off at school, we headed to a newer mall in Peoria-which is about 30 minutes from our house. I am not totally familiar with the area, but I know how to get to most places from the highway. So we were on our way to do an Old Navy run because of their 40% off sale this weekend. (We found some great deals by the way, so it was a productive trip!) When it was time to head back to pick him up I called a friend of mine to make sure that I could take a certain road back through town that connects to the town that his school is in. She assured me that I should just stay on that road and it would lead me back home. Well folks, when people are giving you helps to know which direction on that road to go!! I felt like such an idiot when things were looking more and more like farms and little tiny towns. I called her one more time to say I thought I was headed in the wrong direction when the road I was on dead ended! Luckily the highway was right next to the dead end road. So I hopped onto the highway and started to head back to right where I had come from and the sign on the road said that I was 17 miles outside of Peoria!! I had spent almost 30 minutes driving in the opposite direction of Tanner's school. Luckily Susan a.k.a "friend with directions" offered to pick Tanner up when she picked up her daughter because now I was going to be really late. Needless to say...we spent an hour and 15 minutes driving, and with gas prices at $4.09 YEP that's right, $4.09, I was a little perturbed. But I did find some cool little antiques stores as I drove through Kewanee and Kikapoo (I think those were the names.) I may have to take my mom next time she visits. They looked really fun! Oh I do like a good adventure, and I really don't mind getting lost because I can always seem to find my way back home...(I have been known to stop and ask for directions even!! GASP.) But I don't like getting lost when A.) I have a plane to catch! or B.) I need to be somewhere important!

I have got to remember to take a picture of the sign at the gas station in town. They didn't have a number 4 for the price ($4.09), so it looks like they used some kind of tape to make their own!! It just looked so out of place! Have a great Friday, and I hope you don't have an adventure like I did today!

Thursday, May 22, 2008


I was taking photos today of the June kit ("ABrOad") to update the website with and was thinking of how much harder it is to take pictures of inatimate objects than say...people. The only thing harder to photograph is an infant, in my opinion. I had come across some old cameras that I knew I wanted to incorporate into the pictures of the kit, since it's travel themed. The saleslady cracked me up, she said, "if they don't work, you can bring them back..." (keep in mind that these are ancient cameras that were covered in filth!) And I said oh I don't need them to work, I am just going to clean them up and take pictures of them. She must have thought I was a crazy person! Nice Heidi...oh well.

I guess here's another sneak peek of what's to come for June. I have been having lots of fun making projects with this one!! I may have to post another little peek of one of my projects. Even though this is a travel themed kit, the 2 page spread I just made is of Chloe's first haircut...proving that you don't have to have pictures of an exciting vacation to use this one!

And here's a funny story about Tanner. On Monday at Chloe's gymnastics class he was playing with another little girl who was older than him by probably a couple years. After they had introduced themselves to each other, he was trying to talk her into coming over and meeting me. He said to her, do you see her over there? She's the really beautiful girl sitting right there. And then he introduced me as his "beautiful mother." Awwwww, is it any wonder that we would walk through fire for our children? Taking into consideration that I don't think he really understands the concept of beauty, I can only hope that he will always think of me as a beautiful person. (Until he figures it out that I am no beauty.)

Hope you are having a great day and NOT having to take pictures of cameras. LOL.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

My house comes equipped with...

Six acres of land...not all of that is yard, some of it is weeds and forest, but it seems it's mostly weeds. Gagillions of weeds. I worked on some weeding today (how did you ever guess?) I am getting ready to plant my flowers and so we went today to the flower store and I tried to pick out things that will grow well here in Illinois. I really don't know much about what grows well here except that it is HOT and HUMID in the summer. I sure hope the flowers I got like that! They all tell you if they like the sun or part sun, or shade, but really I just wanted the little tag to say "this one likes it really hot and humid." SOLD! I also had the task of mowing for the first time this year. Oh my, I don't think I should admit to how many hours it took me. But I can tell you it was over 4! I really don't mind mowing and was happy and thankful that at least I have a riding mower. I can't imagine hoofing it behind a push mower! I hope no professional perfectionist mowing people look too closely, because my lines aren't really straight and I had to make a LOT of circles because I missed big chunks...oops! It's funny, there is something about mowing that just is really satisfying. I had such a sense of accomplishment when I finished and stood back to admire the fruit of my labor. I even asked the kids if they thought it looked nice...but they went straight back to playing in their empty swimming pool. (Man, even without water those plastic pools can be hours of entertainment!) So the yard does look pretty fabulous when it's done. Now on the list is to plant! I hope our local wildlife doesn't eat them, I would be so bummed!

In Freehand Scraps news I am receiving some really great projects from our Design Team hopefuls! I spent at least an hour today scouring all of the great layouts and projects, so thanks ladies for the inspiration! You are great, and just to let you know, I won't be posting any here on the blog, so you don't have to worry about the projects you have up for publication. I would for sure contact you for your permission if I ever wanted to do something like that. Keep them comin'! Happy Wednesday!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Wrapping it up!

Well it seems to be that time of year again...time to wrap some things up! Today was my last guitar lesson and also Chloe's last gymnastics lesson until it all begins again in the fall. Ahhhh summer is right around the corner and I am really looking forward to it! (except for the mowing the yard part...LOL) Tanner will be done with school next week and I am looking forward to swimming lessons and t-ball and having some different activities to occupy the kids. Hopefully, we won't be running around so much, and have some down time! The only problem with that theory is that we really do always seem to be just as busy in the summer! It may be that we're just doing different activities, but it seems there is never any extra time. Maybe, just maybe I'll make the time to finally take the Spanish lessons I have my heart set on. We are also looking forward to just being outdoors more. (That reminds me...I have GOT to plant my flowers soon!) I do love to garden.

I talked to Tanner's t-ball coach today and found out that he is on the Yankees team! Yeah! He is really excited to play...I am not so excited about team pictures at 8:15 am on Saturday morning, 2 practices and a 1 game within a week though! This could be a little more time consuming than I had originally thought, but it's really very exciting! I can't wait to cheer him on from the stands...any excuse to clap and let him know just how proud I am of him...I'll take! Being in sports myself and knowing how much I learned from my experiences, and how many life lessons you can gain, makes me want the same for my kids.

So as we switch gears and take the turn into summer I will be waiting with my camera in hand to capture it all! Can't wait!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

As Promised...

A sneak peek of what's to come for June! Yipee!!

Don't ya just LOoooVE these colors? So summery and fun. Wait until you see all that's packed into this kit! Stay tuned for this one to go on sale June 1st. Since we're on the subject of June...I might as well announce our guest designer while I'm at it. I'm excited to announce that Laura Kurz, Hall of Fame winner and Garden Girl over at 2Peas, will be inspiring us this coming month!She is so talented and is a really funny and down-to-earth girl. Which in my book is always a great combination! (Don't take my word for it...just read her blog.) There's the link if you need it! Really my kids read her blog, or make me, because they love her cute golden retriever named Charmer. She had a video of Charmer eating a dog bone once and they must have made me replay it 20 times!

We had a nearby town hold it's garage sales today. It was fun and the weather was even a little hot. I think I liked meeting the people even more than the shopping! I did try to mow the yard this afternoon, but the mower wouldn't start for me...that must be a sign right? Maybe I'll mow Monday. You can't call it procrastination when it's the mowers fault...hee hee. (Dad...any suggestions???)

Happy Saturday!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Caught ya!

This my friends is why I watch my kids like an over-protective hawk! Look what they managed to do while I took a shower!! They were quite proud of themselves, and had removed almost everything that wasn't nailed down and within reach from our pantry (almost every spice) and made this lovely "castle" (that's what they called it!) It even has a fly swatter, a pair of crocs, tap shoes and t-ball cleats, 5 gallon water jugs, cake mixes, an Elefun game with butterfly nets, bubbles, shishkabob skewers, drum sticks, pillows, shopping carts, a tree swing (that I really need to get hung up) salt and pepper shakers, paper plates and napkins in the napkin holder, of course no castle would be complete without a boatload of toys, as well as a green plastic chair.

I guess I forgot to mention the snow boots and books included as well! I really wasn't too happy, but I took the time to take some pictures. It was a lovely castle that had a wonderful store, and they were using their imaginations?! So I couldn't be too mad right?

Also in BIG Freehand Scraps news...we are officially sold out of the May kit "The Thicket." However we still have a few of the last few months left so if you are interested check those out! I also have started receiving some design call submissions, so that is exciting! I love to see your work! Keep them coming! Have a great weekend, and I promise the sneak peek for June in tomorrow's blog post! Off for a girls night out! TGIF!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

May Newsletter!

I sent out the May newsletter today...but just in case you didn't receive it, I'll post it here also. I seriously could have included every picture of Wilna's, love, love what she did!

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Hi there!

Wow! What an unbelievable month May has been so far! I was truly inspired this month by the one and only Wilna Furstenberg! Wilna is our guest designer for May and came up with a wonderful little book that showcases "The Thicket" aka our May scrapbooking kit.

I had the chance to meet her little girls at the Scrap Etc. event and they are angels, I loved these pictures of them! Wilna did such an amazing job! Make sure to check out her entire gallery...there are 37 pictures total!!

I absolutely fell in LOVE with these darling papers from Sassafras Lass! I of course added a few elements that are non-traditional scrapbook supplies to the kit, like a 12x12 sheet of cream netting, some office supplies, and fabric. Our exclusive product this month is a handmade wool felt flower that was lovingly made by my mom for each kit. She is Mrs. Creative! It coordinates perfectly with the ribbons in the kit, and I was blown away by how each of the designers used theirs in a different way. I wish I could send you all 10 of these, they are just so cute!

If you haven't seen it, click here:

I am so excited about the upcoming June kit also. You are going to love it! It has fun colors and the funky vibe that I love. It has a travel theme to help get you ready for some of those vacation photos you'll be cropping, but it would also be great for scrapbooking your "journey." Even if you aren't taking a big vacation this year (like me) we are all on a journey through life. Why not take some time to document where you are in life, and where you want to go...or "if you could go anywhere in the world where would it be?" So many options really! Do I have the wheels turning your head yet??

Finally, we are having our first design call here at Freehand Scraps!! I am really excited about this. So if you LOVE to scrapbook...and would like to enter, here are the entry rules. Send me pictures of 3 of your favorite layouts that you've made plus one altered project or card. Really anything that you think is your best know, the projects you want to show off to all of your family and friends? I am really looking forward to seeing what amazing talent you all have! So send your submissions to along with your name and address. Hopefully we'll be able to announce the winners next month, and then start show casing their work this summer. Inspire us!!

So thanks so much for your support of Freehand Scraps! We absolutely have the best customers! You make my job so much fun! Have a wonderful day!

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Look for a sneak peek of what's to come in the June kit tomorrow! See you then!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Slow down...

Sit, relax, listen, create, breathe, dream, chew slowly, enjoy, think, change, rethink, laugh, love whole heartedly, do some good, help someone, persevere, move on, dwell on the good, invest in your life, meditate, re-evaluate, hug, kiss, dream big, share yourself, believe, HOPE, let someone love you, put one foot in front of the other, and just be who you were meant to be!

Just a little reminder to myself today...I'm sure I'll use this for journaling in the future.

My little (red) ipod is even inscribed with the words "dREaM BiG." So today I am focusing on these things. Staying positive and reminding myself of all these little things that I seem to so easily forget. It was a good day to put it all in perspective!

Oh and one more thing...Creating Keepsakes is giving away a pretty little digital camera so here's the link if you'd like to enter! CK Contest
It's a Nikon D60. It's a package worth about 750 dollars and all you have to do is go here to sign up. (I know I did!)

Monday, May 12, 2008


I hope you all had a wonderful Mother's Day weekend, I had a great day! (Thanks, love, love the card set and how thoughtful you are!) I ended up scrapbooking Saturday and making a little headway on a few projects, which is always a good feeling. After church we had lunch with friends at Chipotle, and it was really yummy. I haven't eaten there in forever, so it was a treat!

I thought I would share the mini book I worked on Saturday. It's of Chloe's 3rd birthday. I found that cool vinatge "three" from the cover at my local Ace Hardward and I think they were 25 cents. I bought a few other number "thirty" even though I haven't scrapbooked using it yet. I just love using the non-traditional supplies on my pages!! (I am going to apologize for the not-so-great pictures...I was rushing to get them taken before dark.)

We had a luau party and she loved it!
The album is by Basic Grey and it's a 6X12 size. This is the first time I've made an album this size and I am liking it!
I used Scenic Route, Love Elsie, and even a little Heidi Swapp on these first 2 pages.
I love chipboard buttons! And the Love Elsie rub-ons were really cute too! I used my square punch for the small photos on the left. This is a great tool to use when you have a LOT of photos from an event. I had several to choose from for this book, and liked the way it looked placing one square of cardstock in the group, just to mix it up a little.

(This, by the way is my darling neice Halle, and Chloe's best friend in the whole world!) Anyway, there is still much more that needs to be added, but I am off to a good start!

Happy Monday!

Friday, May 9, 2008

Look what I got! just doesn't get any better than this...handmade kids art! I can think of a few things that I am tempted to buy myself for Mother's Day...(like a flip, hmmmm still pondering that purchase) but this is what I really wanted. A cute card and a potted marigold from Tanner with thumb-print ladybugs all over it!

So just like the card says: Happy Mother's Day! Soak it in, and enjoy those kids telling you that they love you, I know I am completely content with this little marigold that was grown with love by my sweet boy!
And content is a good place to be.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Mother's Day...

Okay Mom...don't look unless you want to see what you're getting for Mother's Day!! (Maybe you should look, just in case you don't get it in time for your special day?)

Well I mailed off this little book today for my sweet mom today. (I HOPE you get it in time mom!!) It isn't a work of art or anything, but it does have a lot of meaning behind it! You just slide your pictures into the pre-made pages that are already journaled for you. It's called "Nothing like Grandma's Love" and I got it at Hallmark. In the back it has a place to journal about your memories, so I interviewed the kids and wrote their responses there. I asked them what their favorite things about nana were. They came up with some pretty great answers! And then they both put a little drawing in that section for her too! I think it's a cute book and has some of my favorite pictures of the kids from the last year or so.

Here is the card I made her.

I used the fabric polka dot paper (from the March kit) to cover the Maya Road chipboard lady. The vintage book page is from the February kit, and the bosher is also from the March kit. It's simple, but cute I think.

I had to take Tanner today for a school evaluation and he insisted that Chloe and I come in with him, since he didn't know the school or the teacher. He is absolutely distraught about leaving his beloved teachers classroom and not having her for a teacher next year. So Chloe looks right at the teacher and says: "I can count the blue squares for you. See Tanner you just do it like this." Tanner is hiding behind me the whole time, too embarrased to make eye contact with the teacher. So Chloe counts the blue squares, names her colors and shapes, and I have to say..I think she's *almost* ready for kindergarten too! (Of course she's only 3 so that isn't an option.) So finally I tell him that if he finishes with the teacher then I will take them to play on the playground outside. Well, let me just tell you that he did a good job, and we were done in no time! Yes, I resorted to bribery, but it still works on 5 year olds! Luckily!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Myanmar update...

As some of you may know, I have some very strong ties to the country of Myanmar that has been in the headlines since a devastating cyclone tore through the capital city on Saturday. My brother is living there with his wife and has been for the last year. This is where the orphanage, that is such a huge part of my life vision, is located. I was there last year in Feb. for 3 weeks with my kids and taught English at their school on the campus. The orphanage is called Love Childrens Home and is located a very short distance outside of the capital city, Yangon. We couldn't contact them for a few days because of the power outages. But we did hear from them yesterday and the news was good! They are all fine and most of their buildings only had very minor damage. The trees on campus were down, but every single child, man and woman was accounted for and so I am thanking the Lord! He is GOOD! Keep praying for the people that live in Myanmar though, it sounds like they are in great need for clean drinking water and thousands are left homeless, and the primitive infastructure that was in place is destroyed. The rainy season is soon to begin and to not have a roof over your head...well what can I say, can you imagine?

These are just a few of the 168 orphans they take care of on their campus. They are absolutely some of the greatest kids I have ever known. It was such a priviledge to take Tanner and Chloe to meet them for the first time. In letters they had written to me just before I left they wanted to make sure that if I couldn't come and visit them the next year that I would PLEASE send one of the kids. They took such good care of my little ones, and I was so grateful that Tanner and Chloe had this amazing experience! They still talk about their friends in Myanmar and pray for them before bed. I think they learned a lot on this trip, and I know I did.
This is a photo of me teaching the kids, working on alphabet flash cards with them. They are so eager to learn anything that you are willing to teach them.
These are some of my "girls." I love them all so much! I can't get their faces out of my head...and truthfully that's where I want them. So keep these children in your prayers, they need them!

Monday, May 5, 2008


Thanks for all of the comments on the Heidi Swapp album. Glad to hear lots of you got to get crafty for NSD! So without further ado...the winner is....

Grammy and Olivia said...
That album in awesome. I have made a couple of acrylic albums, but the mirrored one is something new and fun! There are some really great quotes in there as well. You do REALLY beautiful work. I spent most of my NSD with a friend I don't see often. We were standing in line at Scrapadoodle in a cold, misty rain waiting to get in early for some of their specials and other fun. Hope your day was a good one!Terry
May 3, 2008 8:41 PM

ANYONE willing to stand in the rain to get some scrap supplies is a winner in my book! So email me Terry at and I will get your goodies to you!

Yesterday I took some pictures of the kids blowing dandelion seeds...I thought some of them were sweet, and so I will leave you with these. Also, I am going to work hard tonight to finish a little Mother's Day project I am working on...anybody doing something cute for their mom? I would love to hear your ideas.

Have a great Monday!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Happy National Scrapbook Day!

Happy National Scrapbook Day everyone!! In honor of this scrappy day I thought I would share more of the Heidi Swapp album I made at her class at the Scrap Etc. event. I am also doing a giveaway with some Heidi Swapp product that I have put leave a comment on this post with your plans for NSD, and I will pick a winner on Monday! This album is titled "To your HEART be true."
This is her brand new product that hasn't even been released yet. It's a mirrored album and it was very fun to work on (mine is still not completed, working on that though.) We album just came with the front and back cover and we added pages made from her new lines of patterened paper and file folders and even transparency overlays!

She had a sheet of the journaling/quotes/sentiments printed out on glossy photo paper for us to cut out and use throughout the book. I thought this was a very fun idea! So next time put some of the photo paper from your stash to use for your journaling. (That by the way is my scrapbook room chair...which I am in love with...I could sit and create for hours in it. I'm sure I'll never be able to part with it. I bought it at a flea market and recovered it.)

This is an example of one of the transparency pages, the ghost heart and bird sticker are attached to it, but the page behind peeks through just enough to give you a glimpse of what's next in the book. (I think the pink heart paper is my favorite right now.)

This page has a tab that says "commit" with a quote by Kobi Yamada on it.

Another transparency with a ghost butterfly on it...
This is a photo I took of myself. When I edited it for printing, I zoomed in close so that you could only see a portion of the original image. I like to change things up, it's more interesting visually.

Another transparency (brand-new with the butterfly image) that we trimmed and then sliced in half to make 2 pages. Here is where I will add some journaling with the round Heidi Swapp journaling spots.
Another transparency page with a ghost flower and brad to secure it.

One of the requirements for our homework for her class was to take a picture of something that we saw as "flourishing" and so I added my photos if I just would add the journaling, all of this would make sense.
This is one of her photo folders cut in half. This is where she recommended puting our pictures of challenges. I liked that this was a book about being "real" and let's be honest...we all have challenges, so why not document them. Looking back you'll see how you met those challenges and overcame them.
Another transparency page with a ghost star and a quote that says : "Shine: you are so fabulous" I think it's fun to make a book about yourself...but especially one that let's you tell yourself how fabulous you are!

This is the part of the album for what inspires you. This next page has a little pocket for pictures, but you could just as easily add bits and pieces of anything that inspires you.
Some of the pictures I tucked in were of my children interacting and playing with the children in Asia at the orphanage we help to support. Can it get more inspiring than that??? I don't think so.
I love what this last page says: "See things as you would have them BE instead of how they are." Good reminder that we can be the change we want to see in the world! Hope this inspires you today and that you have a wonderful National Scrapbook Day! Don't forget to leave a comment to enter the giveaway!

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