Monday, December 13, 2010


Trying my hand at the half full perspective today. Looking towards all the possibilities that are ahead. So far December has been a whirlwind. My focus this week will be to enjoy all the fun that this season has to offer. The kids are just full of the Christmas spirit and I am really trying to get on board. All I can think about is everything that I have to do! :) I tell you, I learn things from them everyday!

I will make friends with you December...starting now.

Sharing a few photos from my date with Tanner at his school gingerbread house making party. He told me before the parents left "Thanks Mom for coming today...I really appreciated all of your help." It was lots of fun! My first time volunteering in his new classroom (3o kids and all.) His teacher is a saint.

And in other weekend news...Minnesota's weather officially sucks. It has been snowy and stormy for the last 3 weekends. When is a girl ever to get her Christmas shopping done? Seriously? This is a shot that Chloe snapped on Saturday out the 3rd story hall window. We got at least 18 inches of snow Fri-Sat and had blizzard conditions to go with it. I had a 5 foot drift in my font was 12 degrees below zero. NOT a fan. Especially after chatting with my sister who informed me it was 60 degrees at home in Colorado.
But I will remain to have the "possibilities" mind frame this week. After all, it could not snow again the entire winter. OR warm up to say...I don't know...above freezing?? That would be nice!

Saturday, December 4, 2010


Those are the thoughts running through my head tonight. I am sitting amongst a pile of boxes (yes I still have them everywhere!) but most of these boxes are Christmas decorations so that makes things a little bit better. My parents had to leave this week which is always such a bummer. I seriously cried when I hugged my sweet mom front of everyone eating lunch at Noodles & Company...and I didn't care who saw it! I enjoyed them so much! So I am trying to get the house picked up today and I am happy to report that all 4 loads of laundry today are folded and put away. I hung pictures in the kids room which was fun, and it's finally starting to look like home in here.  Since I never got a chance to share the photos of Thanksgiving and my parents visit, I thought I'd better do it before Christmas! LOL!

When we used to live with my parents before moving to Illinois, my Dad would buy us donuts every Saturday. The kids called it "donut day." They would frequently ask if it was "donut day." So it so happened that Nana and Papa were here on a Saturday so we just HAD to keep the tradition alive! Here we are at the Starbucks that's inside of my new Super Target. You can see the parking lot from the 3rd floor of my house! :) Love having it so close!

On Thanksgiving day, my new bosses had us all over to their house for an amazing feast! We all contributed and my Dad made a fantastic turkey (just like he always does.) The cutest guest award definitely goes to their sweet pup "Brinkley." He has stolen my heart I tell you.
This girl is pretty cute too though! And tonight she read me an entire book that she didn't know! I am amazed at how fast she is learning to read! Amazing! She also won the "Citizen of the Month" award at school for being an outstanding student! (Pretty impressive for it being her first month there and the fact that there are over 600 students!) She was so excited and got her picture taken to be hung on the wall in the front hallway. I can't wait to see it!
The adults table...minus me. Did you notice my sweet friend Amanda and her husband Eric? Super excited to have them around again. We are going to have SO much fun!
After dinner Papa entertained the kids with some conga-line fun! He is always doing something silly to entertain them. They had a blast!
Papa told us that he and Halle (my niece) had made up "fist bumps" for each month this fall. Novembers was folding your hands in prayer (being thankful) after the fist bump part. Here he is teaching Tanner the proper technique.
I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! 

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