Sunday, January 23, 2011

I will be making these...

Are these not the sweetest little treats you have EVER seen?

Found HERE. Well friends, there is much to report from the Stork house here in the frozen tundra of Minnesota. I plan to do some explaining this coming week. And since we are moving...I will just have to post a few photos of the house that I took before I started tearing it apart. :) For now, here's to a new week and specifically a fresh new Monday...full of new mercies. Hope you had a great weekend! :)

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Two zero eleven!

I just can't seem to believe that it's 2011! Where did last year go? I blinked my eyes I tell you. I am not a person who is intent on making resolutions that are hard to keep and goals that make me feel pressured. However, I am a "reflector." I like to take a step back and look at things and remind myself of what's important and who I want to be in the coming year. In my time of looking back there are a few things that I zeroed in on right away. First of all, last year at this time I was teaching my kiddos a scripture each month. A simple scripture that we said before we ate our meals. We are reinstating this scripture learning time...It's going to happen this year. Oh yes. I've already talked about it with the kids. The other thing that I am working on figuring out is giving the kids some more responsibilities. I am so used to doing everything for them...that it's high time they pitched in and helped. I would really like to train them so that they don't have to be asked to help bring in groceries or clean up their room. It would be automatic. I am questioning doing an allowance or a reward, as I really want them to "want" to help. Without rewards or bonuses. When I was their ages...I had chores and jobs that my parents expected of me and I never once resented them for it. It was just what was expected. I think for the most part that your kids want to meet your expectations. So I'm going to set mine on the high end. Of course there is the always popular "I'd like to lose 5 pounds" resolution. However working as many hours I work a week...there is absolutely NO way I can work out. I have tried every angle. Until the big trade show at the end of the month is over with at least. And as I sit here and type with a box of mint Oreo fudge cremes sitting next to me...I definitely didn't start off the new year eating healthier. ;)

SO...I have been such a bad blogger. I will share the Christmas festivities with ya! We went home to Colorado this year which was such a treat! It's been 2 years since we had been with the entire family for the holidays. The kids had a blast with their cousins and I got some great bonding time in with my favorite people. There just wasn't enough time to see everyone before it was time to turn right back around. I really didn't have any time off of work either, so we had to get back. We headed home on my birthday.

We went ice skating on Christmas Eve and had a blast. Chloe is a natural and I couldn't believe the improvement she showed! Tanner and I worked on the basics. Me skating backwards and him working on moving forwards. And if you're wondering if I fell. Well the answer is yes. Just once. It was enough. Holy can be brutal!

 Papa with his favorite kids. I love this picture!
 Tanner with his "walker" or maybe we should name it a "skater?" Whatever you call helped! :)
 That night Christmas Eve with the whole family was a blast! Chloe got the Swim With Me Puppy she has been wanting for the past 2 years. Unfortunately the first bath they took together didn't go so well and the puppy wouldn't turn off when you pushed the button on his collar. It kind of freaked her out and so she hasn't played with it since. She wants to take it to a swimming pool she tells me. Hmmmm. We might have to arrange that! :)
Tanner and his wild hair from running like crazy with my little nephew Caleb. I really like the sweet people in the background of this photo. So sweet!
Christmas morning was full of more Christmas surprises! The kids opened their stockings and since the rest of the adults weren't quite ready to get started I gave the kids a bath before we started the presents. Looking back at these photos it just seems so strange that they don't have bed head and aren't in their jammies. LOL! Chloe got this Olivia doll from Nana and Papa. She loved it!
This toy was $7.99 and it was at the top of T's list. If only it would stay that way! I am not ready for the day when they are asking for smart phones and ipods. I love their ages!
Working in the scrapbook industry meant that I scrapbooked on the airplane on the way home from Colorado (not for fun...but for work.) So you know when my niece mentioned to her mama that she wanted an American Doll craft set...I had to get her the scrapbook of course. Holly says she is already working on it. She just needs to take a photo of her room to put in it. So cute! I sometimes think of when they are a bit older and we can all sit around an scrapbook and enjoy each other's company. It's going to be fun!
Colorado was kind to me...mid 50 degree weather made me even more homesick for the Colorado sunshine. Tanner exclaimed as we were driving to my parents house from the airport "I can SEE the GRASS!" We haven't seen the grass in MN in months! As we returned a video to the Red box tonight it was a mere 6 degrees and much colder than that I'm sure with the wind chill...this too shall pass right? Spring has to get here someday. With 37 and a half inches+ of snow just in the month of December...I think I've reached my quota! Happy New Year my friends...may it hold all of God's richest blessings for you!

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