Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Labor Day Recap...

Well since I haven't been feeling like the most fun mom on the block, I decided we would take a picnic lunch to the water fountain park to play for Labor Day. I have been telling the kids all summer that I would take them there, and they were totally excited. They didn't quite understand why they couldn't just eat their lunch in the car on the way so that right when we got there they could play and play and play! It was a scorcher so I was very happy that we had a fun place to go outside, but still stay cool. Looks like fun huh? I think the adults were having just as much fun as the kids!
If Chloe gets much taller I'll have to stand on top of something to get shots from above her!
She had fun in the water, but she would have rather been visiting with all of the puppies that were trying to fit in the small patches of shade. This one was particularly friendly.

Today was registration/orientation at the kids' preschool. So I was supposed to be in both of their classrooms at the same time to meet their teachers and be informed of all that's to come. But I decided to just stay with Chloe and dropped Tanner off in his room. She proved that she is going to be just fine at school and went straight inside and followed the teachers instructions. There was one very sad little boy who cried the whole time the teacher talked and sang, and read a story. Chloe kept looking at him like he had lost his mind! She has been wanting to go to school for so long now. They will be just across the hall from each other. I hope that's not a bad thing, or too distracting. I was happy to meet each of their teachers and I feel good about their teaching styles and personalities matching up well with the kids'. They will go their first day on Thursday...they are looking forward to it SO much, and the calendar is full of their school activities already! Let the games begin!

And in Freehand Scraps news...if your subscription has gone through, then your kit is on it's way to your front door! Yea! So be on the lookout in the next few days for it!

My blog just got tagged by one of our designers Jamie Warren! I will post my links tomorrow for that, since this post is getting way too long! Thanks Jamie for the compliment. I am a huge fan of yours! Have a wonderful day!


grandma joyce said...

Heidi - How cute the pictures were of the kids, looks like they had so much fun at the water fountain. Good to hear that they are looking forward to preschool and have great teachers.

Love, Grandma Joyce

nAnnAlYnn said...

love those splish splashy smiles!
we'll be praying that the first day
of school. still thinking about the
perfect size backpack for pre-schoolers. not too big, not too
little...the just right for chloe size.
love you,

Just Call Me Grammy said...

Looks like fun--glad you had such a good day.

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