Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Flooded (a post for Papa)

To say that we have had our fair share of rain is a complete understatement...

This is my neighbors horse pasture, yesterday the water was over the top of the fence, so it is finally receding.

This is the Mackinaw River. It is so high that it is all the way to the edge of my yard. The trees look like they are growing out of the water!

The water was SO high it came close to coming up to the road. Yesterday it was much higher than this even. (Can you believe it dad?) I have only seen this much flooding one other time last year.

And as promised (Dad) here are some pictures of Chloe at gymnastics this afternoon. She sure does miss her Papa!
I love it that she calls her leotard her "yimnasticstard." You know that's a cross between gymnastics and leotard...makes sense right? I didn't correct her because it was just too cute!


Holly said...

I am so glad that some parts of the world get moisture. :)I am glad that you are all fine and there was no flooding in your home. Cute yimnasticstard and a good looking handstand.

love you....

nAnnAlYnn said...

water water everywhere and thankfully you're safe and dry. that's a lot of water in a few days time you had.
i am still working on the names for
your resident deer. i've had a few
suggestions from others...but they
sounded a little too familiar...
comet, cupid, donner, blitzen??
faderwing? if that's how you spell
the name from 'the yearling'.
buck & doe ? i think i can do better than that. on another note..
wow chloe...that's a good headstand! you're adorable!
we love you all,

grandma joyce said...

Heidi - Wow, that is a lot of rain; I can't imagine how high the humidity must be and the temperature is still a bit warm out your way. Makes one love to live in Colorado!!

How cute of Chloe, looks like she loves her gymnastics. Is Tanner in gymnastics as well?

Love, Grandma Joyce

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