Friday, July 25, 2008

Happy day!

Well, just when I least expect it...I get a package from my good friend Amy who lives way too far away from me!! I just had to share the goodness with you! This is the information booklet from the craft fair.
She went to this particular craft fair in San Francisco and found the cutest little present for me. This would be something cute to make people as gifts. You can wear it around your head (oviously) or as a belt. So thank you Amy for making my day! You are one of the most thoughtful people I have ever met!
The little information book was SO cute! It had this little owl for you to cut out and use and a page for notes that would be great for journaling on a layout!

But the best part of all...they are having one in Chicago in September. (If you live in the area you should definitely check it out.) You KNOW I will be there. I am so excited!! So thanks Amy for the sweet present! And for that great little book! It is so cute!
Have a fabulous day!


katie said...

i really love the owl cut out thing!

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