Thursday, November 20, 2008

It's Official!

It must be the beginning of the holiday season...I bought my Christmas stamps today. (I didn't like either one of the designs all that much though.)I am long-lost friends with all of the employees at my local post office...we see each other so often. LOL. I am thinking of cute Christmas ideas of what I could make for them to thank them for all that they do for me. (I am not a bad cook...but I am not the best at baked goods...I like to blame it on my oven, because it's never at the temperature it says it is. Am I the only one who does that? LOL.) So I either need to find a super-easy recipe...or think outside the "baking" box. Any ideas?

I have been busy placing all of my orders for our next kits...I can't hardly wait to see all of the pieces pulled together! I seriously have the best job ever! Getting the mail everyday is like it's Christmas everyday. Tonight I am heading into the scrap studio to work, work, work! But can I really call it work? That's debatable.
Does this girl look like she's on the "nice" list or the "naughty" list this year...that's debatable too! LOL. Just kidding, I think her list should say "mostly nice." She is just so cute...that she gets away with a LOT! Look at the devious expression on her face.
And finally...this is Tanner's latest masterpiece. I think this one is getting framed and hung up I like it so much. I love the little "x's" on the wheels and the funky windows. He informed me that the bus driver was looking back at the children to make sure they were sitting nicely...but that he needed to be careful and watch the road too. Smart kid. He also thinks that when his Papa gets here for Thanksgiving he is going to go out into the "dark forest" and kill a "wild turkey" and then cook it for us. I hate to burst his bubble that our turkey is coming home with us from the local market next week...and it will already be dead. Thank heavens.

Have a great night!


Holly said...

Cannot wait to see the new kit and the things you make with it! The picture of Chloe is darling-the bow is so perfect with that turtleneck and the artwork from Tanner is great! He is so artistic like some people that I know....Your kits are the best!

grandma joyce said...

Heidi - What a darling picture of Chloe - how about some pictures of our cute little Tanner boy as well.
But, I must say is quite the artist so far.

Love, Grandma Joyce

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