Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Cool enough for school!

So we made it through the day...and it went as smooth as possible...and I didn't shed one tear. BUT, we were allowed to stay with our kindergartners since it was only a half day today. I had promised her that I would and so even though she didn't "need" me there, I stayed. (Don't worry I have the Kleenex on hand for tomorrow if it's needed.) Here are a few photos from the day!
Chloe was beyond thrilled! She got up twice in the middle of the night and then was up at the crack of dawn giggling..."Mommy is it still my first day of kindergarten?" We picked out 2 outfits the night before one for warmer weather and this one just in case it was cooler outside. She said to me after we prayed before bed "I hope it's colder tomorrow! I hope it's colder tomorrow!" She really wanted to wear this black skirt that Nana bought her. It was so cute!

I love this shot, just because her backpack looks almost as big as she does!
She was ready to get down to business! :)
Her self portrait of her holding her puppies "Sprinkles" and "Cupcake" and the three of them in matching pink crowns is priceless!
After school we met friends for a picnic/park play date. When we got home Tanner was curled up next to me and I was talking with him about his day...or more like listening to him. He got really quiet for a minute and said "I love us together." It was one of those moments that I don't think I'm likely to forget as a parent. Have I mentioned how much I love that kid? He gets me every time!


truleetraci said...

Oh Heidi... the "I love us together" has me melting into a pool of Mommy tears!!! Treasure these days with your precious babes! Before you know it they will be gone!!!
(and make PAGE with that saying PLEASE!!! :-)

Amanda Smith said...

Sounds like the first day went pretty good! They look so cute and I just love Chloe's drawing. Another little budding artist in the making! :)

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