Friday, April 9, 2010

Happy Friday!

SO...I took the kids on an adventure today. I didn't tell them where I was taking them. I just told them that "adventure was awaiting!" Tanner guessed when we were almost there. He knew it had to be some kind of a zoo. This was a park that we have never been to before just outside of the city filled with native Illinois animals. It was kind of like going on a hike through the woods and all of the sudden there would be an animal enclosure. It was very laid back and the kids were in charge of navigating with the map.

My absolute favorites were the bears. They looked so cuddly, and were very entertaining to watch.

I'm noticing a lot of my pictures are starting to look a lot like this next one. The kids running up ahead of me and I am stuck carrying everyones jackets, water bottles, snacks, and toys that always have to accompany us wherever we go. And you know, I don't mind a bit! It's a privilege to watch your kids spread their wings and explore this great big world of ours. I'm happy to capture those memories...even if all I get is shots of the back of their heads!
Apparently every girl in a pink tutu needs a elk as a photo prop. Oh and yes, we DID play in the tee pee in the background...and we all 3 wished we had one in our back yard too!
Hope you found some adventure today! Cherish those you love...and make some fun memories together, it'll be fun to scrapbook it later! :)


nAnnAlYnn said...

i want a teepee too. maybe if we
took all the painter's tarps and
loads of safety pins we could
'rig' one for a night or two this
summer. the pictures of the great
adventure are really cute.

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