Friday, April 9, 2010

Birthday Boy Bash...

I thought I would post a few pictures from T's birthday bash...if you follow my blog then you'll already know a few things from the start. He just HAD to invite every kid in his class (girls too...oy vey) plus a handful of kids from church and his teachers also. I needed to pull something together on a tight budget so I started by making some invites. They were definitely not what I had envisioned, but they still worked!
I used toy robots that Tanner plays with all the time for the table decorations. The big one was a find of my Mom's that she found on clearance at Target. For the table top I used the kids roll of white easel paper from IKEA cut to size and added wall decals (again on clearance from Target - thanks Mom!) It just happened to match the party napkins exactly!
Party favors were just bubbles that I wanted to make look like I added googly eyes and a curly ribbon to it's neck. These were a hit!
The day before the party my friend Amanda sent me these robot die cuts in the mail. (They were made using her Slice! It's almost enough to make me want one of those bad boys!) She saved the day...literally! Aren't they cute? I just used a glue dot to adhere them to a toothpick and they were done!
I had a lot of willing "helpers" and especially this sweet boy. His friend Jacob brought him the birthday crown. AND did you see that cute robot shirt he's wearing?? My Mom, once again is a genius! She came up with this guy peeking out of his pocket and Tanner loved it! It even washed perfectly. So cute! I looked everywhere for a robot shirt online and nothing was half as cute as this!

I hung some of the robot die cuts from the chandelier...these ones were a little larger than the ones I used on the cupcakes. (Thanks again Amanda!! They were perfect!)

There were robot crafts and lots of musical chairs which was CRAZY! Having 20 or so chairs in the middle of the room! Here's my sweet niece Halle.

Tanner was the DJ for the musical chairs and loved it! He and all of the non-musical-chair players had a little dance party. It was so cute watching them all cut loose! They all are such good friends!

And these next few might be my favorite pictures of the day. This was the last gift that he opened this day. It was from his little sister. She was just lit up like a light bulb waiting to see his reaction. (She had wrapped up a drawing of the two of them.) He lit up like a light bulb when he saw her sweet little drawing. Seriously, their bond just gets me every single time.

See what I mean? These two are my of my greatest responsibilities...definitely my greatest joys.

I should have taken more photos (as always) but I was too busy making sure everything ran smoothly. It was a little stressful but a whole lot of fun! Yea for birthdays!


nAnnAlYnn said...

the robots that amanda sent are
too cute. love those guys.
the whole thing turned
out so so great. really really
cute theme and decorations...but
probably the best part is that the
kids had a wonderful time and
tanner got to celebrate with
everyOne including cousins!!

Amanda Smith said...

The party looks like it turned out just perfect! I love the bubbles. Tanner also looks SO happy, great job mom! :)

Lexi said...

That party looks AWESOME! Wish I could have been there :) And your kiddos are just beyond adorable!

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