Thursday, April 2, 2009


I thought I would share my gallery...and explain some of the techniques I used. LOL. Most of you probably know all of this, but at least posting them here you can click on the images to enlarge them and see details! This first page was all about those circles. I used 2 different papers and cut with my craft knife in different irregular circles. (I have lots of circles left over that weren't quite the right shape.) I used my sewing machine to stitch around the circles and the photo on the left. The green dots paper by SEI is a specialty paper that is textured with a glossy finish. My sewing machine did NOT like it and the foot kept sticking to it, so I had to put another piece of paper under the foot to help it glide. I think that paper is my absolute favorite from the kit though...even though it was a pain to sew on.
I added buttons to the circles to define them even more and add some more texture. I used my old typewriter to do the journaling. (I highly recommend getting yourself a used thrift store typewriter. I love mine and it only cost me $4.00! It's so great for sticking your old scraps in and getting the text exactly where I want it.)

I made this card by freehand cutting some "tree tops" and inking the edges a little to define them some more. Looking back at it now, I probably would have used a different paper as the background of the card, something with less purple! LOL. But it's all good.

These were special pictures because they were taken on Tanner's birthday and we had one of those moments together in the photo booth that I don't think I will ever know the think to yourself about exactly how HAPPY you are in exactly that moment. We had so much fun...and all for the price of $3.00! The pictures aren't even that great...but I love how it reminds me how much fun we always have when we spend the day together doing new things.
I love this new paper by Hambly, and it's such a springy color, so bright and refreshing. I also used the vintage page from the travel book as a background for my photo strip. (Notice that my picture isn't touching the page...because it's not acid free, it's always best to back your photo with paper that is so that it isn't going to be harmed by the acid.) I just ripped the cloud shapes out of the fun cardstock, added my title and a few zig zag edges here and there.
Ahhh, don't you just love little twirly girls...Chloe and her cousin Halle love dancing and twirling! This page was quick and easy. I cut the tree (only the branches) out of the My Mind's Eye paper and then put it on my page horizontally instead of vertically to be the branch my owl die cut would be perched on. The photo is backed with that same paper with the zig zag edge, inked on the edge to define it a little more, and added my title.
Isn't he cute? I noticed some of the other designers added rhinestones to his eyes, which was a good idea I thought.
I also cute the beautiful ric-rac gross grain ribbon to make it look like leaves for my branch.
I will have to post the rest tomorrow...the kids need a bath! Have a great night!


Just Call Me Grammy said...

Awesome! Love the whole gallery, lots of great stuff.

Amanda Smith said...

My favorite is the page with the photobooth pics. I love how you tore out the clouds and the stitched paper in the corner. So cute to hear the story behind the pictures and what a special moment it was.

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