Sunday, April 12, 2009


It was a beautiful Easter Sunday, so after church I thought we would walk down to the river and do a little photo shoot. This is right outside the church building that overlooks the river. The tulips are blooming!
This is Chloe's Puppy. (Yes, that is his name.) I have been trying to get a picture that shows just how attached she is to this little guy. It's a special bond...and it's strong. If he gets lost in the covers at night...I get woken up to find him. He goes with us EVERYWHERE...even in her backpack to school. He is worn and very well loved.

You know how much I love bridges...I couldn't help but snap a few with it in the background.

We also stopped at this cool old docking building and I got a few good ones. Chloe specifically asked for pink bunny ears this year. Cute huh?
Tanner kept playing with the plastic bugs he got in his Easter basket. It is sometimes so hard to get good shots when their attention spans are about 30 seconds long!

This is the only way to get one of the three of us...we're saying "Easter eggs!" LOL.
I promise to share my latest scrapping projects tomorrow...this weekend just flew by!


grandma joyce said...

Heidi - What an adorable photo shoot - thank you so much for sharing your great pictures!! Your weather looked a lot better than where we live - got nearly a foot of snow here at this 7600 ft. altitude. Love Chloe's "puppy", how cute.

Love, Grandma Joyce

truleetraci said...

LOVE your Easter pic's! The tulips are GORGEOUS!!! My fav flower!
Your kids are so adorable Heidi... what little blessings!
OK... so I would love to know about the "bridge" crush you have? and where/how it started :-)

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