Saturday, February 14, 2009

"V" Day

So in an effort to make Valentine's Day a success here...we started the day off with a breakfast of heart shaped toast. But to tell the whole story I have to go back to the beginning. Last night I decided to stay up late and make paper hearts to hang from the kitchen ceiling to make the house look a little festive. I cut out some hearts freehand and threaded them with some floss and then hung then around the ceiling in the kitchen. It wasn't hard and it didn't take long, but it made today feel different than any other ordinary day. So I was dead to the world at around 3:30 this morning...Chloe woke me up to tell me that she was "just too cold under the covers in her bed." I told her she could climb in, and fell right back asleep. Another 5 minutes passed and I hear her little voice say..."Mom...I saw the hearts in the kitchen." and then she just giggled to herself for the next 5 minutes. I told her that they were supposed to be a surprise for the morning, but I couldn't help but giggle with her because she was so giddy she could hardly sleep after that. So this morning there was lots of excitement about the decorations, and the heart toast and the presents. Really what says "I love you" like a new squishy cockroach? LOL. Tanner is in heaven! The lady who checked me out when we bought it almost jumped when she saw it because it looks so real. Ugh. The sad part is that they do probably get that big too. Ick.

Chloe got a puppy that barks "I ruff you."And I decided that what I wanted for "V Day" this year was a new snow shovel. So we headed to the hardware store last night and I picked out this. Pretty exciting huh? You know you're jealous! LOL.
They had a few kid-sized shovels there also for under $5. So we brought home 3 new shovels and you would have thought I had given them the moon for how excited they were about trying them out. (It didn't hurt that the snow started flying while we were buying the shovels.) So today we have been shoveling...even though we only got a tiny bit of snow. And playing, and now they are watching Valentine cartoons. I'm listening to my newest favorite artist Francesca Battistelli. Check her out...seriously!

And just so you know...all of the hearts were made with Sassafras Lass papers. Love them all! Here are a few close ups.

My plans for tonight are to scrapbook and catch up with one of my best friends here. Yippee!
Hope you have a beautiful Valentine's Day and that you are surrounded by love!


Just Call Me Grammy said...

The hearts are a great idea--so cute! The cock roach...not so cute :-) Good to see you last night.

Angela W said...

All the hearts so cute! Happy Valentine's Day! I love Francesca's music too! And you just know we are all envious of your snow shovel! LOL!

Jen said...

Happy Valentines Day!! (belated :))
I like the hearts you put up. I love that it truly is the "little" thngs in life that kids really do love (snow shovels how fun). Francesca is wonderful. I really have enjoyed her music too.

Love you guys!

truleetraci said...

What HAPPY Hearts for Happy Hearts Day! love em!
We hang hearts from the chandelier over the dining room table... too fun! Makes it so festive!

And YES I am SO jealous of your snow shovel! Actually out here in Arizona I am MORE jealous of your snow!!!
We have had such a mild winter!
There was a man in wal mart yesturday with shorts on! LOL

Thank you for sharing your life with us Heidi! You are helping me to remember to find the joy in the simple blessings!

Love to you and yours!

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