Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Hump Day...

My kids have gotten used to royal treatment being at Papa and Nana's house. Look at the king and queen on their throne. So spoiled...and Chloe even has her royal scepter (a.k.a a wooden spoon.) This is how they "help" put the furniture back each Sunday.
And YES, that is a sled hanging above my mom's kitchen island! Too cute!
This furniture ritual comes complete with Papa and Nana humming the song they play as you march in a graduation ceremony. (You know which one I'm talking about? I don't know what it's called.) It's an important part of this little tradition...why they sing that song?? I'm not sure! LOL.

They have also been playing zoo for the last few days with the new fence they made with my mom. Tanner decided it should be black and now that it's dry he is in business. I even drew little food items and the kids colored them so that the animals wouldn't be hungry. I HOPE someday that my kids appreciate the fact that I really did try to get them to use their imaginations. I didn't go out and buy them a big plastic kitchen...I wanted them to be able to imagine one. I didn't go buy the plastic food for the animals, we made it. And had a lot of fun while we did it too!

You've gotta love good old Popsicle sticks and clothespins for fence making. My mom is the master!

This plastic "squishy" lizard is as close to the real thing as we will EVER have at this house! I hope you all have a great Wednesday!


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