Tuesday, January 6, 2009


I'll get to the cousins stories in a minute...but I had to show you the cute boxes that we got wrapped up in the Anthropology button trim. I joked when I saw these gifts that I would totally wear that button trim in my hair, since it's adjustable and totally cute. So for church on Sunday I cinched it tight and wore it as a headband. I don't lie! LOL.
Recently we spent some quality cousin time at the Fire Station...where my cousins husband works. It was something my kids had never done and they enjoyed it thoroughly. Tanner and I were the only ones who put on the outfit...and what they say is TRUE...that stuff is heavy. I have no idea how anyone could expect you to speedily remove someone from a burning building with all of that weight. To walk around in it your okay, but to be running up flights of stairs or ladders...they have my total respect! (So thanks Greg and all of the guys there for the tour and all that you do for the community! You are all heroes in my book!)
Here are all the cousins on the fire truck.

Tanner was a little shy because there was a bunch of strangers around, but he was a good sport!
I have something I am thrilled about to share with you all tomorrow! I had a late night crafting session last night and will share my projects here once I get them photographed (and finished! LOL.)I hope you have a great day!


Just Call Me Grammy said...

Such cute pictures. Looks like everyone had a great time.

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