Friday, October 3, 2008

More of the gallery...

This is my favorite project I made for the gallery this month.
It is a layered mini album made from the KI Memories Sheer Delights. I cut the 12X12 sheet into 3rds and then matched up the scalloped edges on the right. The top of the 12X12 edge is just folded over to create a flap. I used my handy crop-a-dile to punch holes and strung the American Crafts ribbon through the top to hold it all together. The jounaling block that the title is on is just a piece of patterned paper that I hand cut. I added the cute butterfly clip to the edge, I like it when things hang off the edge a little. And if you are scrapbooking using a traditional album, you are limited to doing that sort of thing. So this was perfect for this mini!
Underneath the albums title is a list of what I am "inspired to..." Each kit comes with 2 of these journaling cards, they all vary, but if you like to journal using a list format then this is perfect!
Layered underneath the 10 things list is a picture I took on my last trip to LA. I seriously love palm trees! It was taken out the window of my taxi at sunset. I was in love with the little Colorbok sticker that read "photographer." This picture is matted onto the pink paper and then attached to the Sheer Delight.
No mini book about yourself would be complete without a self-portrait included. LOL. (I know don't think this is the best picture of me.) Add a strip of paper and a chipboard shape and it looks put together. Isn't that photo corner just too cute? I love the wood grain look!
I added the green and white strip of paper to look like a stem that the flower badge was growing on. I tried to continue the line of it through a few of the layers of the book. Each layer is one more scallop longer than the first, (I used the scallops as my measurement tool) if that makes sense. It made it fairly easy to measure.
This last picture is of me surrounded by orphans in south east Asia where I was teaching English last year (with Chloe on my lap of course.) I was making sets of alphabet flash cards for them and they are so eager to learn. They certainly inspired me!
There you have it! I think in this picture you can really see the layering effect.
So now once you get your hands on this super fun have to share what you've created! Email me pictures, because I always love to see what you have all been up to!

On a side note...has anyone else been playing along with Ali Edwards doing her "week in the life" project? I was doing really well, and have journaled all this week, but didn't take a single picture yesterday! I left my camera at home and later was just kicking myself that I didn't have it. There were so many things I should have/would have captured. The thing that is striking me about the project is that it is making me really look deeper at everyday life. It's always good to gain more perspective and I am seeing changes that I want to make and am much more aware of the details because I am taking a few minutes to write things down! I recommend it! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


Jamie said...

I think that's a great picture of you! I love this mini album! It inspires me! :)

I am doing the Ali Edwards week in the life and am loving it! It's definitely made me pay attention to the small details and enjoy each and every moment. I didn't take a lot of pictures on Thursday and could kick myself! I didn't get any of my kids that day or any good ones of my hubby and it was his birthday! But I'm just going to have to make up for it in my journaling and pictures this weekend. It's life! That's for sure!

Thanks for sharing the mini album! Love it!

Jill said...

GOOD: Beautiful album. I just found "you" today and I am so excited to find such wonderful kits. June will be perfect for my daughters Greece/Italy trip I am "planning" an album for. BAD: One more blog I love that I DO NOT have time for :)

grandma joyce said...

Heidi - Loved the picture of Mackie - how typical of him on the couch, he did the same thing at our house. Really miss him. Thanks for sharing the cute shot.

Grandma Joyce

Angela W said...

I SOOO love this mini! I just wish I understood directions a little more! LOL!

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