Saturday, August 9, 2008

Home decor...

As promised here are a few of the fun things you would see at my mom's house. (I got her this scale for Mother's Day this year...too cute!)

Here is a little collection of this and that on her kitchen counter. Little salt and pepper shakers, and other jars filled with good things!

This is her laundry room, lots of fun things to look at.
Okay this is her dining room's an old door that she painted and had glass cut to make the top level!! Are you sensing a red theme here? LOL. She loves it!

She hand-makes these Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls, and has her own company called "Goody Two Shoes." I wish I had 1% of her sewing talent!
These are pictures from the nursery/playroom, filled with lots of treasures for little ones.

I love this collection of antique phones that she has in the upstairs bath.

This is her office/sewing room. My most favorite room in the whole house!

I am in LOVE with that red typewriter! She uses an antique ironing board as a work surface, with a polka dot cover that she made for it!

This is her dining room.

More of her hand-made dolls.

This is the window treatment of the cute branch with fun foam leaves I was talking about yesterday. It was VERY hard to get a picture that did it justice. In real life it is even BETTER!

Thanks for looking! Hope you are having a great weekend!


{ Yu'er } said...

THat's no doubt where your talent came from! lovely house.

Just Call Me Grammy said...

I agree that it is easy to see where your creative nature comes from. I LOVE the pictures of your mom's house. Hope you have a WONDERFUL visit!

Cathy said...

Oh my....a friend told me to take a look at this blog love it ...I will take so many of these ideas with me! Thanks for sharing!
My daughter takes after me also....sometimes that's a good thing!

Stop by sometime..."Catnabarn"

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