Tuesday, August 26, 2008


It was everywhere I looked today. The weather was perfect, the company was fun, and it made up for my crazy night last night. I had been out mowing and the belt kept coming off, so I had a friend here looking at it and his son was playing with the kids. They were running in and out of the house and kept leaving the door open. I am NOT a rodent person, and we live in the country with all sorts of little things that would love nothing more than for us to have an "open door" policy. So I found that the door had been left open, but didn't think too much of it, I didn't know how long it had been open, but I was hoping that it hadn't been long enough for any unwanted furry things to scurry on in. So as I was crawling into bed (my bedroom just happens to be the first room off of the hallway from the garage) I heard some rustling. I kept telling myself that it must just be the dog. But I realized pretty quickly that there was definitely something in the corner of my bedroom near my dresser. So I, as bravely as I could, reached for the lamp on the table beside my bed and inspected the floor all around. I figured that if I made some noise it might quiet down, or maybe I could tell better what direction it was coming from. I must have held my breath for a few minutes straining to hear any "mouse-like" sounds. I started thinking that it could be a bat, or a raccoon, or a squirrel, but then I tossed out the idea of it being a raccoon, because it would have been too big to hide so well from me. So I came to the conclusion that I most certainly would NOT share my room with the creature, and I grabbed a blanket and pillow off the bed and leapt halfway out of the room, and ran the rest of the way, trying to coax the dog out the door, so that I could shut it and stuff my jean jacket (it was the only thing I had on-hand!!) under the door so that it would at least be contained until I was awake enough in the morning to deal with it. (Are you laughing yet? I am the biggest wimp!) I slept, with the light on mind you, on the couch. Chloe woke up early in the morning and got into my bed, opening the door and freeing this mystery animal from his small cage, and foiling my brilliant plan to contain him. So this morning I called my friend who is VERY brave when it comes to mice, and we went on a mouse hunt. I feverishly baited traps and even snapped my poor little finger...I really don't recommend doing that because it hurt really bad! I basically moved out of my room and I don't plan on going back in there until we catch the culprit! I will be on the couch until further notice. I'll update you. Gross. That's all I can say, gross. But when I called my mom today to tell her my horror (I think she is even more afraid of them than I am) she replied with the old tried and true saying of "well things could always be worse." Isn't that just what mothers always say in those situations? But she really did feel sorry for me, and that made me feel better.

I have been working away with the September kit, "Little Bird." I will post a little peak of more of my gallery tomorrow. Fun, fun, fun! I hope your day was filled with beauty!


Holly said...

EWWW EWWW EWWWW....i hate those things called mice more than snakes or spiders or really anything! I feel so bad for you and wish I was there to jump all over the tables, chairs and furniture with you until they are caught!

Cannot wait to see your sneakpeaks!

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