Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Peeks and a giveaway!!

Whoa, it has been one of "those" days! My whole life I have heard the term "Mom's taxi" but am just realizing that the term now most definitely applies to me. Having to be in more than 2 places at once for most of the day. Getting everything ready for the big reveal first thing in the morning! Whew! So excited to share a few sneak peeks here with all of you! Have I mentioned how much fun I had working with this kit...eek! I have so many other projects planned with this one! (Read on further for info on the giveaway.)

Onto the GIVEAWAY! I have an adorable set of hand crocheted flowers in fallish colors to send to one of my lucky readers!

These were made by AesaLina Compton of "Pixiepetals."
"Pixiepetals are vintage-style embellishments inspired by authentic crochet patterns. They are perfect for scrapbook layouts, mini books, cards, sewing projects, and other crafts."

(In her own is her bio from her store...isn't she just the cutest thing?)
I'm college student who will graduate in December (FINALLY). I fell in love and married a nerd (shh don't tell him I told you). We have been married for over two years (veterans I know!) and we have a gorgeous little girl (she's my best friend).

I work as a professional editor from home for Western Governors' University. It is the best job ever. Whenever I'm not playing with the little one, editing, or doing homework then I do crafts. My favorites are scrapbooking and crocheting.

I started making little flowers for my own scrapbook pages then shared them with my sisters. We love using them. That's the reason I opened my etsy store :) To share the fun and the beauty. My father so wittingly named them "pixiepetals" because when I was young my parents called me their little pixie.

I hope you enjoy!
(AesaLina is also now making a line of pre-made embellishments featuring her pixiepetals that you must see! Go take a look!) So if you would like to get this cute little set of flowers leave a comment and tell us about what your favorite season is. Good luck!


Amy Coose said...

Love those flowers, and your peeks are divine! I'm off to check out your DT, they always do amazing stuff with your great kits!

Jen said...

Honestly all. :) I love summer because it's time at the pool with the kids, running around outside, warm days cool nights. Camping, picnics. Fall.....oh how fun, leaves changing, it's still warm most days but you also get those chilly ones here and there and so cozy at night. I love changing the decor in the house. Getting out yummy candles and fall/halloween decor (no scary stuff) It makes the house feel so inviting. Winter. I do love a snowed-in day here and there, hot cider and chili. yum yum. Snowmen with the kids. Decorating for Christmas!!!!!! The birth of our Savior. Spring. I look forward to Easter during that time. The pastel colors, coloring eggs, Easter egg hunts, and most of all Jesus Resurrection.

Joanna Galbraith said...

These are just the cutest little flowers! The weather just cooled down today, and I loved the crisp, fall air as I walked to school. So right now, my favorite season is fall;) I would love to put these crocheted embellishments on a fall scarf I am making!

Just Call Me Grammy said...

Heidi...those peeks look amazing! Can't wait to see the whole thing. The flowers are adorable too. In answer to your question I think I like everything about fall. So many people have been fussing about this awful weather, but I think it is wonderful. Give me a sweater or a hoodie and I am a happy girl :o)
Hope to see you soon and catch up!

nAnnAlYnn said...

love those paper leaves with the
stitching....they're gReAt!!
checked out all the sneaks and will
be looking forward to morning when
i can see them all. cool kit!
fall....the best of all seasons
hands down. not too cold...not too
hot..just right for anything/everything.

Diana Fisher said...

Lovely flowers!! So cute! My fave season is fall. I'm a big fan of back to school supplies, new jeans, pumpkin lattes, down vests and apple picking. What's not to love about fall?!

margie c said...

Wow! What wonderful sneak peeks! I can't wait to see that LO with the blog theme to it!
Those lil flowers are so pretty!!!
I love fall the most! I love the cool weather, the back to school smells, the rich chocolatey colors, warm soft blankets and sweaters! I wish it would stay like this much longer than just a month or two out here :)
~ margie

Rachel M said...

I think my favourite season is Autumn, there's still a few warm days but the mornings feel fresh and I love that. Thanks for the chance to win these lovely flowers.

Nitasha said...

Extra cute flowers! Fall is my favorite season because it just feels like a time of change and renewal - the leaves change, kiddos start a new grade in school, new football season, hot chocolate...just thinking about it makes me smile! Oh the wonderful things that blow in with the cool, crisp air- Renewal!

truleetraci said...

What sweet Lil' PixiePetals!!! Heidi I love that you hook us up with other gifted creator's out there... what a fun, creative network!!!
My favorite season (since I live in the HOTTTTT desert!!!) is the cool ones... fall - winter - spring - the ones where your face holds together when you walk outside instead of melting down onto your shoulders! :0) LOL ( I know... too dramatic for this early in the morning! )
Can't wait to order my October kit! Guess I am up earlier than you... it isn't up on the site to order yet! Ha... wake up taxi Momma!

truleetraci said...

YAY!!! Just ordered my kit... this one is GORGEOUS... of course they are ALL GORGEOUS and keep getting better and better and better....
Thank you for sharing your gifts with us each month!!!

Are the cute lil' felt trees handmade by anyone I know???

Now if I can maintain until my goodie box arrives ! :-)

Mom2BradyE said...

Love, love the new kit. I am starting a new chapter of my "Scrapbooking life" and scrapping how I want, not how the books tell me to....I'm loving using your kit to do this.

meghancrum said...

I have to save I love winter, but I live in Houston so our winter isnt like anybody elses! It means the temp is actually under 90 degrees! Those flowers are gorgeous and I love her bio, off to check out her Esty!

sheri said...

what a great fave season would hands down be fall. the air is crisp in the mornings and the skies (hopefully) are blue & warm through the day. warm enough for shorts still, but you better throw on a hoodie just in it ;)

Holly said...

love those cute flowers-I already checked out her site. I am in love with the springtime and fall seasons. The springtime is new life and an emergence from the colder months of winter, and the fall because of the beautiful colors and the weather is still warm enough to do just about anything outside.

Olivia said...

Do I have to pick just one? I absolutely love the season spring. It brings warmth, flip flops, blooming gardens, and baby animals. Pure joy. But I also cannot wait for the Christmas season. Sometimes I listen to holiday music in July!
Thanks for the giveaway!

Lexi said...

Oh my those flowers are DEVINE!!!! LOVE the fall colors. Perfect time of year to celebrate my oldest's bday and our anniversary..which happen to be the same day!! SO WISH I could crochet like that....someday!! GREAT kit this month Heidi! Had such fun with it!!

Amy said...

FALL!! Love the cool weather and the sports and color!!!

emkayp said...

Love the flowers - I keep meaning to try my hand at making some for me but I haven't gotten very far. I did find my crochet hooks!

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