Friday, September 25, 2009

20 Q's

I'm playing along today with the 20 questions from Elsie's blog. I have 2 kids home from school and so my productivity level has been at a standstill. (Yes Tanner was sick, even though I thought he was playing hookey, and last night was LOOOONG!) And my TV still won't turn on. But currently he is begging me to take him somewhere "because he's boooored." Sounds to me like he's on the road to a speedy recovery.

1. Show us the inside of something cute
The coat I'm wearing today has an awesome polka dot lining. I think it's the real reason I bought it! LOL. And you know how I feel about polka dots...the more the merrier!
2. What's the last homecooking you had?

I made Fettuccine Alfredo for dinner...the last time I had someone else's home cooking was a long time ago!
3. What do you miss? (no dead people please)
I love how they don't want you to list dead people...why is that depressing? I miss a lot of my sweet family. But these orphans come to mind as being something that I miss daily. Lots of prayers are sent their way!
4. What makes you laugh often?

Best friends who post old pictures on FB. But Facebook in general.
Aren't we cute? Oh my word...we were so crazy! And I cannot believe I'm sharing these here!

5. What's your favorite word?
This is a tough one...I think I use the word "seriously?" a lot. But I think my favorite word/name is I seem to have a lot to talk to him about!
6. What are you trying to quit?
I'm trying to quit procrastinating...I'll let you know how that works out! LOL.
7. What's your favorite commercial right now?
I DVR everything so I don't watch commercials...but I can tell you the commercials I hate the most are the Old Navy mannequin ones. They need a new advertising firm!
8. Whose style do you dig?
I just ran across this girls blog today (she is 13) and VERY into fashion. She is quirky and has major ambition...and is embracing the fact that she is not like most other girls her age. I think she's pretty cool. (Although I would look ridiculous dressed like her.) She's young and it works. She's obviously a "dreamer" just like me.
9. Link to a great blog you've discovered lately...
I loved this blog also...that striped dresser is just one of the best things I have seen in a while.
10. What's the last craft you made?
My October gallery. Here's a tiny peek.

11. A photo of the last happy mail you got :]
Tanner just got his Wall-E Halloween costume in the mail...and it made his day! He is still wearing the "hands" that go with it.
12. Something you've got lately?
Too much to do!! But I'm sure that's the case with most of us.
13. What are you looking forward to?
I'm looking forward to the weekend, and also to planning a fun birthday party.
14. Post a recent snapshot of yourself.
15. Recent Favorite Movie?
I haven't liked much recently...but there are a few on my list that I do want to see!
16. Something you're working on right now?
Work, oh and this super long blog post!
17. If a movie were made about you, who would play you?
Maybe Gwenyth Paltrow...or Reese Witherspoon...two of my favorites. But seriously...what kind of a question is this?
18. What gives you goosebumps?
Beauty, true love, thinking about our future, and the power of the written word.
19. Share a new obsession.
20. What's the meaning of your life?

I'll let you know when I get that figured out...but I do know that it's to make a difference. To do more than take up space on this planet. To live my life for Christ.


Just Call Me Grammy said...

Loved reading your answers. I'll bet Tanner is in seventh heaven getting to be Wall-E...too cute!

Lehua said...

i do this earlier too!
very cute pics!

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