Sunday, December 21, 2008

It's the most...

Wonderful time of the year. Really and truly. I have just been soaking up the season, spending some quality time with family and friends. The kids put on a Christmas production this morning at church that melted hearts. It was the story about Martin the shoemaker by Tolstoy. If you have heard the story then you know how touching it was. It was so good to see everyone. SO good. I love this time of year. Love, love, love it. My mom and I are busy every night after the kids go to bed wrapping and creating and sewing and laughing and talking. (That is the real gift I will take home with me!) She just inspires me so. I must remember to take some more pictures from around her house of all of her cute holiday decorations. I also am going to take some time to document some of the special memories we are making this year. (I will have to post a picture of what she hand-made for is so cute!)

This afternoon we took the kids ice skating! Yes, it was a big undertaking (and I FORGOT my is that possible?) But the kids had a lot of fun, and they were totally tired out tonight. There was another mom on the ice who was laughing with me about how much work it is to basically carry your kids as you try to keep them from breaking limbs. I definitely got my cardio in for the day! I think my back will be feeling it tomorrow. No, I KNOW my back will be feeling it tomorrow. LOL.

Well I'm off to get some more wrapping done. Hope you have a beautiful night!


Jen said...

I'm so glad the kids and I were able to Ice Skating with you all. It is so nice to have you here and to be able to get to know each other again. Sounds get to know you again after growing up for the most part together :) Merry Christmas to you and the family! I love you guys

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