Monday, May 24, 2010

Sneak Peek!!

Oh my ladies and's finally time to share a peek at the June kit. This month has just flown by! My oldest has his last day of school tomorrow, and I can hardly believe it's nearly summer vacation! But it's 90 degrees here today and humid and so it certainly does feel like summer! I have run around all day looking like Amazon woman...thank you naturally curly hair. You are not my friend. :)
Sorry, the sweet butterfly isn't in the just looked so cheerful with all the pretty papers. And if you like this peek...wait until you see the embellishments that go with it! Eeeek! So cute!

While re-organizing and redecorating the scrap space last week I promised to share some pic's of it. I have a scrappy mess all over my desk so I will have to post more pic's of that sometime. Here are a few things making me smile in there right now. You can see that I have still not taken down the brackets where the shades were, because I am still trying to figure out what I want to do. This is the area directly above my desk.
I have a little collection of the letters "H" and "S." The little jar with the #3 is from Samantha Sibbet that she brought me at CHA full of sweet little goodies. So cute!

This canvas is one that I altered. I love what it says and so I had to make it match my color scheme in there. It had pastels at the top of it before I "fixed" it. Everything else is from the flea market, the thrift store, or the antique store. :)
If you think I'm weird for having a plate sticking out of the top of my typewriter, that's okay. It works for me. I have another white thrift store plate that I bought to do this with again. But that's a project for another day.
Happy Monday!


em said...

Oh my gosh your scrap space is so awesome! I love it!!!

And those sneaks aren't too shabby either! ;)

tina said...

What a fab space. Love the "rules" of your house. That aqua typewriter is really fab! Can't wait to see the new kit.

Lexi said...

awesome HEidI! Come organize mine now--ha!!! Love that hand form.
and the typewriter of course :)

Amanda Smith said...

Very cute, I love it all! :) Wish I could be there to scrap with you in your room. Maybe some day...

Jennifer said...

Oh this is TOOO awesome!!! I myself have a green plate sitting sticking out of my gma's typewriter!!!! Glad I am not the only quirky girly!!!

Love your space!!!

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