Friday, December 4, 2009

We're stringing up the lights!

The tree is officially...well official. I just thought I would see if you could tell which picture doesn't belong...look closely.
My tree has a lot of birds on it.

And's a very eclectic tree.
Wait a did HE get on there?
But I didn't realize that our eclectic tree needed a stuffed pink flamingo? I'm trying to be cool about it...but I drew the line at having the dog toys added to the branches. One of my good friends reminded me to enjoy that silly pink flamingo...because one day I would miss this. And you know what? She is 100% right! I will miss stepping over toys on the way up the stairs at night, and finding lizards poked in my shoes in the morning. I will miss the smell of baby shampoo and their footed jammies in winter. This time goes so quickly. I want to enjoy it while I can! So take some time today to cherish the little things that make this Christmas like no other. Have a great weekend! I will be back to share more gallery layouts and also a newsletter for tomorrow!


Aphra said...

I hear ya, girl. I'm trying to enjoy all my broken 2.5 year old just can't stop redecorating and is breaking half of them in the process. I keep reminding myself that they're just things....Merry Christmas, Heidi!

Just Call Me Grammy said...

Pretty tree...even with the flamingo :o)

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