Sunday, December 20, 2009

Snow much fun!

We finally got enough of the white stuff to really play in it! Yippee!
We shoveled and went sledding and attempted a snowman (but the snow was just too fluffy.)
We even went for a walk in the woods looking for woodland creatures. I told the kids that if they were very quiet we might see some. The only sound was our feet shuffling through the fluffy snow as the sun set and the stars peeped through the clouds. It was magical! I'll be back tomorrow with the newsletter! Hope you had a fantastic weekend!


Ms. Chyme said...

Wow1 shes so cute! love the pix.

truleetraci said...

Sounds like a REALLY FUN day!!!
Love the pics of your sweet babes!

Winter is SOOOO different here in the Arizona desert... shorts... sunshine... LOL!

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