Monday, December 14, 2009

Christmas photo shoot...

Do they ever go smoothly? I can remember when the kids were infants taking them to get pictures at 3 months, and six months and a year and so on...that was always interesting. You had to time it perfectly with naps and feedings. You would think by now it would be less complicated right? A 6 year old should be able to sit still and smile for at least a few shots...right?? I should think SO! This is the adventures in Christmas card pictures...hang on, you're in for a ride!
They posed for a few without any shenanigans. Even the dog wandered over to be in the shot, which was unplanned.
I finally had a "mom moment." This was after 40 or so shots, and not a lot of cooperation!

We just could NOT seem to get it together! LOL!

And happened...a Christmas miracle! ONE good shot!
Are you tired of seeing all these yet?
Wardrobe malfunctions are a requirement it seems for every photo shoot!
My dog is crazy...he gets jealous when we hug! :)


So thankful to Christie for taking the time to do this photo shoot! And she had the patience of a saint! I'll be back tomorrow to share the Christmas cards I designed for this year! They turned out super cute! Hope you're week is off to a great start!


nAnnAlYnn said...

this is a hoot! which one is the finalist?? i like more than one.
they are totallY fUn. missing you.

Jamie said...

They're all soooo cute tho!!!! Love the ice skates by the fireplace!

Nitasha said...

such a cute family...and so funny that your doggy wanted in some of the photos too! Too dog does the same thing- she always has to be in the middle of all activity!

Ms. Chyme said...

Wow! So cute... and very sweet too... wish u a happy Christmas...

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