Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Christmas cards...

Here they are...a little stack of "MeRRy ChRistmaS" cheer. I decided to use up my stash of acrylic cards this year. These ones are from our Dec. 08 kit that sold out. They have what look like snow flurries on them, and instead of making something elaborate, which I have done in the past...embossing {NEVER AGAIN} I decided to just make a super simple card!
I bought 2 sheets of paper from the Cosmo Cricket "Jolly by Golly" line and a sheet of their chipboard shapes and I have roughly 30 cards made from about $7 worth of product. (Not including the cards...but those don't count because I was using them up right? Right!)
I decided to capitalize on the fact that the cards were clear. This way the photo (from the last post) will take center stage.

I love this little snow guy!
I added a few gems to the chimney.
I added a little ribbon to this one...it's one of my favorites!
How cute is this little cup?

I kept the same theme on all of the cards. One simple embellishment with a small square behind it. (I adhered the paper to the inside of each of the cards, using glue dots just behind the chipboard shape so that the adhesive wouldn't show.)
Cute trees!
I don't send these to everyone on my list...only to the people who appreciate handmade cards. I have a whole stack of cute store bought cards that go out to the other 75 people on the list! Now I have to get the photos printed and finish getting the envelopes addressed, AND finish wrapping the gifts that need to be mailed out of state. I hope you are having a happy Tuesday!


Jamie said...

In love with these!!!! So awesome! Great job, Heidi!

Holly said...

these are so cute!! I haven't even begun the process of Christmas cards. Loving how easy these look to make though. Might have to try something similiar. :)

Lexi said...

So cuuute!! YOu are lightyears ahead of me on the card making. I think most people tend to receive mine...oh ...about JAn. 1st ;)

Amanda Smith said...

These are great Heidi! Good idea to just make a few for the ones that will appreciate them...I tend to think of it as all or nothing, hence my digital cards this year!!

I just love that Cosmo Cricket line!

truleetraci said...

Oh Heidi I love, love, LOVE these cute little cards! You are SO creative... and you make such a simple design look DIVINE!!!
You are gifted my friend! :0)

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