Friday, December 18, 2009

Still here...

And happy to say that I DID prevail!! All the gifts have been shipped, all the cards have been mailed, all the gifts have been bought and NOW...the fun begins! This is my favorite part of the holiday season. The kids are almost out for a much needed break from school, and their anticipation is building with each and every minute, they are just SO much fun to be around at this time of year! These pictures are from Christmas 2007! I need to take pictures of my little reindeer this year and see how much they've changed!
I have this one framed on my desk...her expression is just priceless!

Reindeer don't pick their noses!! :)
How are your plans coming along? Are you taking a few minutes away from the chaos and enjoying the moment? I hope so! It really is the most wonderful time of the year! I am just like a little kid when the holidays roll around! I am going to be working on a newsletter this weekend to send out with sneak peeks of our January kit so be checking back here and also you inboxes!! Hugs!


nAnnAlYnn said...

those are some very shiny noses
you might even say they glOw.
those are the cutest reindeer.
i am enjoying this day this week
this special time.
looking forward to seeing the sneaks
i have heard that this next kit is
really really adorable.

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