Wednesday, December 9, 2009


It's a very frosty day here...the wind chill is in the single digits, the snow is blowing and the wind is howling, but the weather inside is just fine! Just made myself a cup of cocoa. I spent most of the day on a ladder with vacuum-in-hand getting all the cobwebs from the rafters. It's not my favorite job...but it sure felt good to cross it off the list finally! I'm looking forward to having a crafty day tomorrow since I got most of my "work" done today. Christmas card design is a big priority! I have already gotten quite a few cards and each one I open, I love! Especially the ones that have a picture! (Of course.)
I made myself workout tonight...I figured I drank a lot of hot chocolate today to compensate for the freezing temps outside, so I had better get to it! I also had to glue my button tree back together as it became a casualty of a light saber earlier today. Are you all finished with your Christmas shopping yet? I still have 2 or 3 things to get...and can't seem to find the time or the will power to shop. I am not a fan of buying just any old gift...I like to put thought into it. Wish me luck! And for some warmer weather...because shopping in the frosty air isn't likely to happen! LOL.


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