Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I will prevail...

This morning I woke up with 3,000 thoughts running through my head. The to-do list, the kids Tanner the snack person or Chloe? How am I going to get Chloe's antibiotics down her throat that she hates so much? (Strep throat and an ear infection...ugh!) The enormous amount of Christmas boxes that are calling my name. The blogging, the emails, the shipping. You get the idea. And then the thought occurred to me...I will have the same amount of time today as I do I better make it count! So instead of actually fixing my's up in a bun. Instead of wasting time this morning I got straight to the business of getting all the shipping done (at least for today.) I will conquer the to-do's and the demands, and the emails, and the holidays. I am bound and determined. I will prevail...(okay this is really just me reassuring myself that I can handle it all, and maybe to have a good excuse for my lack of make-up and for my hair being up in a bun.) So without further are a few projects from my gallery this month. The first is one of mine (and the kids) favorites. I used the Jenni Bowlin bingo card to make a little hanging with our "verse of the month" on it. This was the verse I taught the kids in November. We practice it a few times and then they recite it when we pray before we eat. Three times a day is GOOD reinforcement. They usually have it down by day #2. I love it that faith and wisdom are being firmly planted in their hearts. These words of wisdom will only help them as they face this big world in the future! It didn't hurt that it was all about giving...and the card said "give." LOL.
I used the threading waters border punch for the bottom and then layered a few other patterned papers to add some color and interest. I used my vintage typewriter for the journaling and the edge of the book page to type on, which matched the Bingo card perfectly! Does it bother anyone else when your neutrals don't match? It really bugs me...but I'm weird like that.
For the little wreath in the center I took a strip of the green cardstock and folded it back and forth and in a circle shape. I attached that with my sewing machine. Then I cut a few leaf shapes to add to it and give it more texture...I would have sewed those on, but my sewing machine revolted and is still not operational. (Mom...a little help please?) I added the Jenni Bowlin pearl center to make it look like a little cluster of berries. Super easy and quick.

Everything in this kit seems to just seamlessly "work" together. Everything came together easily and I didn't have to think about it too much. Like this card that took me all of 10 minutes. I just love that little Santa tag (just stapled him on.) And the alphabet this month is one of my favorite things in the kit too! So cute! Oh and the red "days" sticker letters are from our September kit.
This picture of the layout isn't the best. It's rare when I have a picture of all 3 of us to scrapbook. I freehand wrote the title directly on the Memo note, and used one of the Sassafras stickers (which I cut the center out of so my title would show through) to frame it and make it stand out.
Another of the JBS tags...and it's true: I do have everything I want. I could live the rest of my life and never get another Christmas present and I would still be the most blessed person (in my mind) on the planet.
I cut those darling animals out of the Prima specialty stitched paper to add them here. Love!
So now I have a funny video to my dog has a pile of at least 5 toys sitting next to my office chair. Hint, hint. He can be so demanding! Enjoy...

EMBED-Too Super Cool For His Ticket - Watch more free videos
Have a great Wednesday!


Amanda Smith said...

I loved that bingo card project of yours....I think it was my most favorite thing in the whole gallery. Very Cute!

Sorry to hear Chloe is sick. Cannon has a double ear infection too, and he is NOT happy about it!

Obviously I didn't get the chance to call you today, but I think I will be able to tomorrow since Eric has the day off. Have a great night!

Jenny said...

I finally got around the scrapbooking using your October and November kits. I love them so much! I can't wait to finish up my pages with the rest of the kit's supplies.:)

nAnnAlYnn said...

this gIVe kit has so many greAt
things in it. i love all the
vintage pieces and the tiny frames.
had a chance to see the gallery of
work this morning and you all made
some very cool artwork. love your
bingo card and lexi's frame page. going over to the blogs to get a close up look now.
want to see what holly says about
her cute gIVe jar too. adorable!
love you all....we all prayed for
chloe last night again so expect
her to be well soon.

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