Thursday, March 26, 2009

Little sister... the best big sister in the world! I am so grateful for you Holly! Happy-Happy-Happy Birthday to you! The worst part is that I can't be there to MAKE you celebrate! LOL. I know you won't let anyone else talk you into making it into a big deal. But if I was there you would have no choice but to let me celebrate YOU! You are the best...and don't get enough credit for all you do.

Here's a list of how you make the world (and the people who love you) better!

*You are one of the kindest people on the planet (in my opinion.)

* You are loyal and trust-worthy. (If I had to be stuck in a foxhole with someone...I would pick you! I know you always have my back.)

*You are the BEST listener. (I am not the only one who knows that though!)

*You can sing just as good as the pros, and when you sing for the Lord, it gives me chills!

*You are the "perfect" wife. (Mmmm, I should take some notes for future reference...LOL!)

*You put your kids first!

*You were born to be a nurse, and are the best one around!

*You're funny and make me laugh, because you are so serious sometimes.

*We are complete opposites...and yet the best of friends. I think we compliment each other.

*You can always talk me out of spending money. And I, *sometimes*can talk you into spending some.

*You are the only person I've driven with to Indiana for the sole purpose of finding a Taco Bell

*You are very creative and have the most perfect handwriting!

*You are a "car girl" just like me. (That must be dad's influence?!)

*You like to talk...and there aren't many who can do it justice like to 2 of us! LOL.

*You care about everyone you know and they can feel it. It's from your heart.

*You are selfless.

*You were my first and last roommate. (Good times, good times.)

*You always support my dreams. (You believe in me!)

I think I could go on and on. But you must know today that I love you to pieces, and that I am celebrating you from here and wishing that I could be with you on your special day! Happy Birthday!


Holly said...

You are sooo sweet to say all of those nice things about me. I did have a happy day today because I was flooded with love from everyone and I truly have so many wonderful blessings to be thankful for. Thanks for loving me inspite of my failings and lack! You do it as only a sister could.....Let me know next time you have a full tank of gas and are dying to have some taco bell-maybe we can head to Indiana-I hear it is pretty this time of year-LOL! :)

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