Tuesday, June 22, 2010


I finally get to share the present I made for my Dad for Father's Day...and this sneak peek from our DT member Jaime Warren! (She has more on her blog!)
Here is the shadow box frame I cam up with for Father's Day. It has door that opens from the front with hinges so that you don't have to do anything from the back of the frame which was awesome. The background is a linen fabric...and the best part is that this only cost around $14 at Walmart of all places. Yes Walmart.
Up close details...the ribbon and pins here are from our November 2009 kit...the Bingo card is actually old, not just made to look old. :)

These photos are really special because my Dad is always giving the kids "zerbits" that's what my family calls them anyway. I don't even really know how one would spell that so I made it up. These photos are from his most recent trip here and they were all giving each other zerbits and laughing hysterically. Every time I see their expressions in these pictures it makes me laugh so hard! They aren't glamour shots, that's for sure, but they are the exact memories that I want to keep. The best of times.
You can kind of see how the frame opens in this shot, it has a magnet closure.
Hope you're having a great week! Please tell me we aren't the only family who gives "zerbits?"


Kelly said...

In our family they are called bumblebee kisses.

Heidi Stork said...

Oh Kelly!
I like that name so much better...how cute!


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