Thursday, June 10, 2010


Jaime Warren sent her gallery over to me and it's just sooo cute I'm glad I finally had a chance to share it here! Here she used that great flocked Fancy Pants transparency to border her layout. I think my favorite part of this one is the lacy border that she punched at the bottom. It's so delicate and pretty. Of course Jaime's photography always shines bright on her layouts. It's perfect!

These sweet little frames look so cute with different patterned papers tucked behind them. The papers from this kit just all coordinated so well, without being too "matchy-matchy."

And this is a shot I took of the kiddos tonight after Vacation Bible School.
There were kids running around everywhere playing games and being loud...and I hear Tanner say to Chloe "Let's just sit here on this grass and enjoy this beautiful sunset." And he plopped right down and put his arm around her and I got one decent shot. This is what scrapbooking is all about for me. Capturing this precious moment...writing it down...documenting exactly who these two are today. This pose lasted for exactly 2 minutes and then they were off and running. I'll cherish this. How was your day?


Lexi said...

that pic, along with what he said, was just beyond precious. DEFINITELY a scrapbook layout in the making :) Hope you are having a great day friend!

truleetraci said...

Oh how very PRECIOUS Heidi! I am SO GLAD you caught that moment! Someday your kids are going to be SO BLESSED that you caught it too! My day was busy, getting my 14 yr. old, Jake ready for his trip to D.C. He purchased his 1st piece of luggage today! With his own funds... he felt very grown up! It came with a 10yr warranty... so we had this conversation about what he might be doing in 10yrs when this warranty wears out and if the suitcase will still be in one piece. It was cute.. i should write it out for a page! LOL he is growing up SO FAST!
Scrapbooking is such a gift! Preserving these memories is a way to look back on the "landmarks" of BLESSINGS in our life!!!
Love you my friend!

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