Sunday, November 29, 2009


Yep folks...I pulled off the most amazing Thanksgiving surprise EVER! I had to keep it on the down low here on the blog, because I have "followers" that could of gotten hints and figured out my sneaky plan. (Especially my mom the birthday girl!! Her birthday is the 25th so I told her that even though I brought her a gift...I was the real gift! LOL)
I made them all pose for this photo...all acting really surprised. I was laughing so hard shaking the camera when I took it! But doesn't it look legit?

We had so much fun! It was definitely worth driving 14 hours through the night to be there!

This is what I woke up to on Thanksgiving day. Typical Colorado beauty. Snow capped peaks that can be seen everywhere and a beautiful 60 degree day! I had to stop just to take it all in.
I don't think I could ever take that view for granted again!! Hope you all had a beautiful Thanksgiving, surrounded by loved ones. I am so grateful!


nAnnAlYnn said...

thank yOu for the most wOnderfUl
birthdAY present ever...yOu here
with us at thAnksgiVinG!! also i
have to tell yOu that the adorable
little paper flowers went right
on a wreath--so so cute! now if only i would take the time to learn how to post a picture to you in e-mail. maybe this year will be the year.
we all loved it that you came to visit...especially me and it was a
total surprise. all the better.
thank yOu thank yOu.

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