Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I collect penguins...

I don't know really how it started but I seem to have a growing collection of them. They keep me company at my scrap desk and this one even snuck into the picture!! Sweet and's a little card I made today. Turquoise wood grain. Yummm! I inked the edges of a small chipboard heart and then added red paint over the top of it, and stuck a pearl pin through it. The fabric swatch is from our July 2008 kit from forever ago. I used my sewing machine to stitch it on and then left the long ends of the string so I could tie it in a small bow. This picture doesn't show the correct color. It's cuter in real life.
I'm not so sure about mailing this could be hazardous to the mail handler.

And this is what greeted my tired eyes this morning as I went to make the kids breakfast. The chalkboard in the kitchen has been getting some love lately. The kids are SO into art. Last night Tanner wanted to know what I was making for dinner (a detail he is usually couldn't care less about.) I told him...he appeared a few minutes later with a paper menu of chicken a (+) sign and broccoli and the amount of money it cost. I think he estimated it cost 2 cents. So he drew a coin to pay for his dinner! I wish paper money counted in the real world! LOL!
Hope you all had a beautiful day!


Holly said...

love that cute card, and the little penguin is cute too! Looks like you are having some creative time. Good for you!

nAnnAlYnn said...

what a great card. you have really
been working hard this week.
hope the kids are feeling fine.
our ChRistmas tree is in the room
waiting to be adorned. yay!
finishing lots of little projects
but i better start thinking ChRistmas
presents...eeek. i'm making them.
unless they're not cool.
love you.

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