Saturday, October 10, 2009

Oh I wish...

Wish that my handwriting was this beautiful! It's a powerful tool for a scrapbooker and I'm totally jealous of those gifted with this talent! (source: neither snow)
Just imagine the scrapbook layouts...kind of Heidi Swapp style? I would never need to buy another font...or alpha (unless of course it was something chipboard! LOL)
I went to a crop last night and plan to share a few things I got accomplished...and today I am working on making Chloe's party invites...cross your fingers for me though...nothing I've made so far has been the way I envisioned it! Be back later!


em said...

I have terrible handwriting.
I actually knew a girl once who had incredible handwriting...all fancy schmancy cursive. was practically impossible to read!!! I remember trying to read her notes in college...yikes!

Lexi said...

hmm... I'm working on bday invites too, but super hero ones ;) Needing to get them pout soon, seeing as if the party is FRIDAY! Ahh!!

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